BuddsBuddy Baby Skin Care Wet Wipes 72Pcs (Combo of 2)

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Product Description


Company and Product Mission

Does your new-born baby poo so many times and soil his/her hands often? Probably you would also want to get rid of the drops of milk clinging on to your infant’s mouth right after feeding. For all this, you can’t always wash the gentle skin of your baby with water, as too much of washing may take away the natural suppleness and moisture of your little one’s skin, making it dry and scaly. Therefore, you require something that can clean the soiled area without taking the moisture away. Wet wipes are the first thing you would want to get your hands on, during all these situations.

We, at BuddsBuddy, bring to you an all-rounder set of wet wipes that can effectively clear the poo, clean the hands and wipe away dirt from your baby’s soft and gentle skin. Recommended for new-borns and babies up to six months old, these wipes can effectively clean your infant’s body without causing any harmful effects.


buddsbuddy wipes

buddsbuddy wipes

buddsbuddy wipes

buddsbuddy wipes

buddsbuddy wipes

buddsbuddy wipes

Light Fragrance

Strong smelling wipe may cause uneasiness in your child. Therefore, we have used only light fragrance that is gentle on the developing senses of your little one.

Gentle on the Skin

We have taken great care in choosing only high-quality, food-grade and soft material for the wipes. Moreover, they are thicker than other baby wipes, so that you can clean your baby’s body even more effectively.

No Harsh Chemicals

Our baby wipes are completely free from any added harsh chemicals such as Paraben, so there is no scope of skin rashes, allergy, redness or irritation.

buddsbuddy wipesbuddsbuddy wipes

Multi-Purpose Wipes

Right from cleaning your baby’s soiled hands, removing any leftovers from their mouth to clearing soft stool, the wipe does it all! With perfect cleaning, the wipes also ward-off any formation of bacteria on the skin surface.

buddsbuddy wipesbuddsbuddy wipes

Enriched with the Goodness of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera

The baby wipes are enriched with the goodness of Vitamin E, which acts as an anti-oxidant for your baby’s gentle body and protects the skin cells from getting damaged. Since it also consists of Aloe Vera, the regular use of these wipes nourishes your child’s skin, making it supple and restoring the natural moisture.

About the Startup

buddsbuddy wipesbuddsbuddy wipes

Krishna Sighakolli


Describe your products in 3 words.

Excellent , Dependable , Safe

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

“Our parental conscience inspired us to take this step. We observed that most of the products in the market are about grooming than childcare and safety. Also, the products are made without the appropriate research and quality seemed compromised. We wanted to create something that parents would use for their babies without worrying. We are focused on creating products that become a household name for the quality and standards. Our aim is to contribute in the healthy development of children. While doing so, we understand the responsibility towards the less privileged sections of the society and towards the environment. We envision creating a sustainable and healthy tomorrow.”

What makes your product special?

“Our products are a result of a thoughtful process, a streamlined approach and an effective execution. Each product has a background of research, surveys and testing. Safety and quality are our favourites. The products are approved by FDA & CE. This is a mark of faith that the products comply to international standards of childcare and health. We are proud to associate ourselves to the best, to be the pioneers of setting quality standards and finely delivering what we are committing.”

What has been the best part of your experience?

“Being parents has been the best part of our experience. Every product that we bring out is undoubtedly the best as our children and our families are first users. Our sense of responsibility has a great expanse and does not restrict to our families or our circle. An all-inclusive growth keeps us inspired. Researching, setting highest standards of safety in creating the best for the next generation helps us connect to children and their parents & families. We take child care as a responsibility and wish to keep growing in this endeavour.”

100% Natural – The wipes are made from 100% natural fiber and thus is completely free from any chemical effect. We pay special attention to the making of ‘Products with Quality’ and thus no chemical element or additives are added in the wet wipes.
Easily usable – The wipes are absolutely easy to use. They are convenient to handle and thus can be used immediately at any time. The light-weighted wipes make it easy to draw more of the dirt out from your baby’s body and leaves a fresh natural skin.
Multiple Use – You can make multiple uses of the wipes. Like, to wipe hands, or any food leftovers, even your baby’s poops also. You can easily put wipes and clean all the area in a perfect manner.

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