LifeKrafts Baby Shower Cap Waterproof Adjustable Safe Soft Bathing Cap | Elastic Ring Hat |Visor Cap – Pink Color

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Product Description


Dear Parents! Bath Time Just Got A Lot Easier With Life Krafts Baby Shower Cap/ Bath Cap/Visor Hat On!-Pink Color

Does your boy toddler refuse to have any water on his head?
Cannot stand nagging, crying and tears every time the phrase “shower time” comes up?
Do you have a child that fears bath or showers?
Want to make showering time fun again? Or even interactive?

Now there is a solution for all of our frustrations and it’s called the Life Krafts Shower Cap! Made for little heads and big splashing moments!

Our Shower cap is made of high quality, BPA free,100% safe for your little once, so as to ensure some heavy duty and repeated use.
Shower cap has a elastic ring and adjustable straps so as to provide consistent sealing and waterproofing.
There is no age-restrictions for your kids and enjoy the calmest and easiest shower of your life.
It is comfortable to wear, non slip, sturdy enough and leak proof guaranteed.
Use for water and suds protection.
Works as a playing toy to enhance their fine motor skills and develop better hand to eye coordination.

Why use Life Krafts Shower cap?

1. When water enters the baby’s ear, it can cause infection and inflammation.

2. Foam enters the eye,Will increase the risk of eye diseases

3. Sewage flows into the mouth,Baby will cry and resist bathing

4. This product allows children to wash their hair and not cry, let the children wash their hair into a pleasure


1. Soft elastic ring snugly fits on your child’s head, blocks water & suds from entering eyes and ears.

2. With an adjustable springy strap, the bath cap ensures Non-Slip fit regardless of head size and head shape.

3. It achieves a consistent sealing effects, thus leak proof is guaranteed.


1. Compared with conventional EVA sponges and vinyls based bath caps, ours will not bend and spoil.

2. Not to be swayed when showering, will keep shape in spite of pouring water.

3. Water on the Shower/Bath cap flows down in fixed position, baby will have more fun to play with water in bath time.


1. Our shower caps do not have any messy velcro or buttons, an elastic ring and an adjustable strap will stretch to fit your kid’s head, suit for head circumference 26 cm length and 27 cm width.

2. Can also be used as a sunshade or a haircut visor.

We have multiple colors, choose the appropriate color!!!!! Hurry Now!!


9 Ways Your Kid Can Wear This Bath Shower Cap/ Visor Hat:

· … shower time.

· … bathtub fun.

· … hair cutting or trimming.

· … decorative purposes.

· … beach trips.

· … pool parties.

· … outdoor and indoor activities.

· … sunshade protection.

· … endless garden fun!


Size:- 26 cm length and 27 cm Width

Color:- Reddish Pink









Ideal Use

When the baby is shampooing, the shower cap prevents water and foam from flowing into the baby’s eyes and ears,make the shampoo a funny experience for the kids, Really let children take shampooing as a pleasure

Waterproof effect

All head circumference parts are made of silica gel, elastic, soft and comfortable, and waterproof effect is super.

Can adjust the tightness

This product adopts Velcro adhesive design, easy to adjust, and can adjust comfort at any time during use. (Recommended: wear tighter when worn to better waterproof effect)

There is no age restriction!

The Cap can fit anyone up to any age! Because the inner ring is made of silicone material, it has good elasticity and can adapt to people of different ages.

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Protect eyes and ear: Stretch the shower hats over your child’s head during bath-time, it’s effective to ensure the use of stereotypes when the water flows down along it,keep shampoo and water away from your baby’s facial area to protect his or her eyes and ear.
The material is soft and flexible.
The size is adjustable through buttons. Adjustable strap can adjust the size of the cap according to the head circumference.
Multi-use: Perfect for baby shampoo, shading and haircut , very useful and convenient.

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