QuickCLap Baby Adjustable Safe Soft Shower Cap | Wash Hair Cap

Price: ₹ 399.00 - ₹ 249.00
(as of Nov 10,2020 16:56:23 UTC – Details)

QuickCLap Baby Adjustable Safe Soft Shower Cap | Wash Hair Cap
Bathing your baby is a tough job, especially when you have to shampoo his hair. The powerful scent and lather usually clog his breath or burns his eyes, making shower time a dreaded thing. This bath shower cap comes in an attractive and unique design that prevents the water from running over his face, allowing the baby to enjoy his shower time! It comes in a soft, flexible design that is devoid of any sharp edges, making it a great fit for your baby’s head. Shampooing often leads children with teary and swollen eyes. They usually have to keep their eyes fast closed to save themselves from the lather. Make the shampoo a funny experience for the kids with this unique shower cap. This shower cap has a soft built. It is foldable in nature and is devoid of any sharp edges. When wrapped around the baby’s head, it offers no discomfort. The shower cap comes with button closure which can be adjusted according to the size of the baby. Healthy baby? No worry! Baby Bath Shower cap can be worn by all. This shower cap has been made of EVA foam for durability. Its soft texture also makes it comfortable for the baby to wear. This bath shower cap has an elastic design that very flexible in nature. With its adjustable button closure, babies of different health and age group can acquire a perfect fit. Non-toxic, environmentally friendly,easy accessibility.
The size is adjustable through buttons. Its fit for age group 1-5 Years.
No need to close your eyes when washing hair.
it can protect the kid’s eyes and ears from water during bath or haircut, make a funny experience for the kids.

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